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SkinMedica® Sun Protection Fragrance Free Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation Water resistant or waterproof

Key Features:

Acts as a triple-layer formula: the first layer of physical protection prevents UVA /UVB from entering the skin; the second layer of chemical defense absorbs any UVA /UVB that enters the skin; and the third biological layer of potent antioxidants protects the skin against free radical damage. Total # of products: 2

SPF: Active Ingredients:

30+: 8.0% zinc oxide, 5.5% Parsol MCX
50+: 7.5% octinoxate, 5.0% octisalate, 6.0% oxybenzone, 2.0% octocrylene, 3.3% zinc oxide

Category Within Product Line:

Extensive protection: Physical and Chemical Active Ingredients
Considerable protection: Physical and Chemical Active Ingredients




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