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Anthelios® New Fragrance Free Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation Water resistant or waterproof Published peerreviewed studies available Available Over The Counter

Key Features:

Some formulas in this line contain Mexoryl™ SX, the only sunscreen formula specifically approved by the FDA to protect against short UVA rays. Other formulas in the line contain Cell-Ox Shield™, a synergistic combination of patented high efficacy sun filters and anti-oxidants to further protect skin. Sunscreens are waterproof, noncomedogenic, and PABA-free. Total # of products: 8

SPF: Active Ingredients:

15: Mexoryl SX™,. 2.0% avobenzone, 3.0% ecamsule, 10.0% octocrylene
40: Mexoryl SX™, 2.0% Avobenzone, 3.0% ecamsule, 10.0% octocrylene, 5.0% titanium dioxide
60: Cell-Ox Shield™ - 3.0% avobenzone, 15.0% homosalate, 5.0% octisalate, 5.0% octocrylene, 6.0% oxybenzone

Category Within Product Line:

Extensive protection: Chemical Active Ingredients
Extensive protection: Chemical and Physical Active Ingredients




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