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1.5 oz lotion bottle (day repair and overnight repair)
1 oz gel bottle (facial rejuvenation complex)

Key Features:

ReGenica® is the next generation in growth factor skincare. Only ReGenica® contains Multipotent CC M Complex, which has a variety of embryonic-like proteins and growth factors such as follistatin and stem cell factor, that are characteristic of you, rapidly developing tissue and associated with skin rejuvenation.


Day Repair and Overnight Repair $175.00/each
Facial Rejuvenation complex $150.00


Suneva Medical, Inc.

Clinical Pearls & Key Features:

  • The ReGenica® advanced skin rejuvenation system consists of three individual products designed to work together to help restore skin to a healthier, more youthful appearance.
  • The ingredient behind the ReGenica® Advanced Rejuvenation System is the Multi-potent CC MTM Complex, the next generation in Growth Factor technology. This proprietary complex is created by growing fibroblasts, in a simulated embryonic environment, and then harvesting the naturally secreted proteins, growth factors and other synergistic bioproducts that are produced.
  • ReGenica® contains a unique mixture of human growth factors and stem cell derived proteins.
  • Clinical studies have demonstrated ReGenica® to deliver proven, measurable results in skin rejuvenation. In one study, ReGenica® Advanced Rejuvenation Day Repair SPF 15 & Overnight Repair have been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and generate smoother skin over a 10 week period. In two published studies, ReGenica® Facial Rejuvenation Complex Post Procedure has been found to improve healing and more rapid re-epithelialization as early as three days post procedure.
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