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Isolaz® Acne Therapy New
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Photopneumatic: Vacuum and Broadband Light

Indications and Usage:

Indications for use include mild to moderate acne, including pustular acne, comedonal acne and mild to moderate inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris) in all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI).


400 -1200 nm

Energy Output:

Up to 60 J/cm2

Pulse Duration:

Up to 25 ms


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Solta Medical, a global leader in medical aesthetics, offers a comprehensive platform of energy devices and products to address aesthetic skin and body issues. The Solta Medical portfolio includes the well-known brands Thermage®, Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant®, Liposonix®, Isolaz®, CLARO®, VASERlipo, VASERshape, VASERsmooth, VentX®, PowerX®, TouchView®, and Origins.

Clinical Pearls & Key Features:

  • The Isolaz Acne Therapy System harnesses the proprietary mechanism of vacuum extraction with broadband light. Fusing both technologies provides deep-pore purification and clearance of existing acne while assisting in preventing future breakouts.
  • Isolaz treatment procedure:
    • Vacuum extraction cleanses pores by evacuating sebum and dislodging follicular ostia
    • Heat shocks the sebaceous gland and injures bacteria
    • Broadband light helps destroy P. acnes bacteria
  • Easily integrated as a primary or complementary acne treatment, to fight the root causes of acne in a non-systemic way.
  • Immediate results reduced redness, clearing of skin discoloration, and flattening of blemishes within 24-48 hours.1
  • Significant decrease in breakouts including reduction in the number and severity of breakouts and associated amount of oil production.2
  • 75% reduction in lesions within 2 months for non-responders to oral medications, topical medications and lasers.3
  • Ancillary benefits include reductionin pore size, improvement in skin texture and tone.2


"Isolaz has been a real game-changer for teens with acne. Many of these kids simply want their acne to go away over-night, and become impatient and frustrated with traditional acne therapies. A series of 2 to 3 Isolaz treatments can do wonders for teen inflammatory and comedonal acne, with significant improvement in as little as 2 weeks. I have even treated both of my teenage children with Isolaz, and thankfully the treatments did wonders for their acne."

Michael Kaminer, MD
Chestnut Hill, MA


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